Organizational Consulting and Leadership Coaching

CEVA provides tailored consulting services to organizations (as well as influencers, such as authors, politicians, etc.) that promote veganism. We work with leaders, staff, and volunteers—from grassroots campaign groups to professional NGOs—to support an organization’s growth and development.

We customize our services to meet the needs of the organization or individual that we are working with. You can choose a single workshop or coaching session or a series of them. If you aren’t sure what offerings to choose, we can help you assess your objectives and can propose an appropriate package. We offer our services at low to no cost, depending on the size and budget of your organization.

Cultivating High-impact Teams and Resilient Organizations

Melanie Joy delivers workshops and coaching on a range of topics related to building strong interpersonal skills, healthy teams, and effective leadership.

  • Relational Literacy

    Relational literacy is the understanding of and ability to practice healthy ways of relating. In this two-hour workshop, Melanie discusses the basic principles of healthy relating as well as the specific tools necessary for relating among leadership and staff in a vegan organization.

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  • Effective Communication

    Building on the material presented in Relational Literacy, this half-day workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn to communicate clearly, directly, and compassionately.

  • Building Healthy Teams

    In this two-hour workshop, Melanie uses one of two models of personality types (the MBTI or the Enneagram) to help participants understand the nature and value of different personalities. She also explains how participants can directly apply this understanding to building healthy teams.

  • Creating a Sustainable Work-Life Balance and Avoiding Burnout

    This two-hour workshop is designed to help staff understand what a sustainable work/life balance looks like and how to cultivate this balance for themselves, as well as how to build sustainable practices into the organization as a whole. It also helps participants understand some of the key causes and symptoms of burnout.

Leadership Coaching

Melanie Joy offers one-to-one hour-long coaching sessions for leaders. Whether you’re an organizational head, a vegan innovator, or in any position of key leadership, you can discuss whatever topics you feel are relevant to your work and leadership. Possible areas include identifying personal strengths to build on and areas of development; dealing with interpersonal conflict; and personal sustainability. 

Strategic Development and Capacity Building

Adrian Ramsay facilitates workshops and provides support around strategy, capacity building, fundraising, and finance.

  • Strategy Review

    This workshop involves a blue-skies review of the organization’s vision, mission, and primary objectives. For an established organization, it’s an opportunity to reassess whether the group’s stated aims still reflect what it is seeking to achieve and whether its position within the growing vegan movement remains distinctive and high-impact. For a newer organization, the workshop helps the participants clarify and formalize their goals and aspirations and consider how best to present the organization to funders and the public.

    In preparation for this workshop, Adrian helps the participants review organizations operating in a similar arena in order to inform a discussion on the organization’s distinctive role and the potential for forming partnerships.

  • Strategic Planning and Capacity Building

    As a follow-up to the Strategy Review workshop, Adrian helps develop or review the organization’s strategic plan. This includes setting or refreshing the strategic objectives, specific goals, and workstreams. Next is an examination of the skills and resources needed to deliver the plan and to develop staff capacity and/or a volunteer base. If an organization is at the point of changing direction or changing its staffing structure, Adrian supports it through the change-management process.

    In working with the organization on strategic planning and capacity building, Adrian can either provide advice and support or help draft a strategic plan in close consultation with leadership.

  • Fundraising and Financial Strategy

    Adrian helps key staff assess the financial implications of their organization’s strategic plans, review or develop budgets or cash flow planning, and establish income needs. He also helps develop a compelling case for funding support and builds or refreshes the existing fundraising strategy. If desired, Adrian can also help develop and deliver fundraising plans.

Our Consultants

Dr. Melanie Joy

Dr. Melanie Joy is a Harvard-educated psychologist, international speaker, organizational consultant, and relationship coach. She is the author of six books, including the award-winning Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows; Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters; Getting Relationships Right; Strategic Action for Animals; and The Vegan Matrix. Melanie has developed and implemented advocacy trainings for nearly two decades, and she specializes in strategic vegan advocacy; effective communication; resilient teams and leadership; inclusivity and diversity; relational literacy; the psychology of social transformation; and sustainability. She is the eighth recipient of the Ahimsa Award—previously given to the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela—for her work on global nonviolence, and she is the founding president of Beyond Carnism.

Adrian Ramsay

Adrian Ramsay is an experienced third sector leader and organizational consultant. He served as deputy leader of the Green Party (England and Wales) and chief executive of the Centre for Alternative Technology, in both cases playing a leading role in professionalizing the organizations’ strategy and operations in order to drive and manage effective growth in impact. Adrian now works as a consultant specializing in animal rights and environmental organizations, providing support for strategic development, capacity building, and developing effective financial and fundraising strategies. Adrian is a fellow of ACEVO, the professional body for third sector leaders, having previously won a Fellowship Award for “rising stars in the charity sector.”

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