Leadership Meetings

We host leadership meetings to help increase the impact of the vegan movement in a particular country. These meetings are attended by organizational leaders, including leaders of small, grassroots groups, and also by key influencers.

Leadership meetings often (though not always) follow a CEVA training, in which attendees have learned tools for effective communication and conflict resolution, and they are usually the first time the majority or entirety of a country’s leaders come together. The meetings help leaders develop a strategic analysis of the movement in their country, and they can help reduce infighting among organizations. The meetings also enable the formation of powerful national alliances so that vegan organizations can act as a united front when challenging policies or running campaigns.

The leadership summit was a big success! We had never had a leadership summit before and we found the experience very impactful for our work.

Hungary 2019

Want to organize a leadership meeting in your area?

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