Our trainings help individuals and organizations increase the effectiveness of their advocacy. They also help vegans improve their sustainability and build relational literacy skills, to help create a more resilient and impactful movement.

Online Courses

Our comprehensive, engaging online courses are designed to provide you with evidence-based, practical tools to help you build a variety of skills to increase the positive impact of your vegan advocacy.

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Our webinars offer you the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics related to effective advocacy from the convenience of your own home, wherever you are in the world.

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In-Person Trainings

Our on-site trainings enable you to increase your impact as a vegan advocate and, if you are affiliated with an organization, provide you with tools to increase its effectiveness.

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This training changed my life. It’s just what I needed to understand the movement and the way people communicate. I’d recommend it even to people that are not interested in vegan advocacy, because it provides very valuable life lessons for everyone.

Spain 2018

The vegan movement would be so much more effective if every vegan would attend this training and internalize its strategies.

Switzerland 2019

This program has provided me with the skills, the knowledge and the courage to step up and move forward in the way vegan activism is part of my life. I strongly recommend this training to every vegan!

Italy 2019