Vegan Communication Hacks

Being vegan can be incredibly empowering. But because we’re living in a nonvegan world, it can also come with certain challenges. Occasionally, we may find that problems arise in our interactions and relationships with nonvegans—especially the people we’re closest to, and especially when we’re trying to talk about veganism. And problems such as these can ultimately cause us to become frustrated and even to feel burned out.

Fortunately, it is possible to feel happy and fulfilled as a vegan, including in our relationships. Our Vegan Communication Hacks are quick and simple yet impactful communication and sustainability tips that all vegans can apply in day-to-day life. Whether you consider yourself a vegan advocate or are simply passionate about veganism, these tools can make your conversations about veganism more productive and your relationships stronger and healthier.

Select your challenge and explore solutions:

When I talk about veganism, people get defensive and call me “preachy”

My friend won’t engage with veganism at all, even though I’ve been explaining the issues with animal agriculture for years

I don’t know how to have a healthy conversation about veganism with my friends and family

I feel like an outcast when I have to bring my own vegan food to a gathering

My partner isn’t vegan, and I feel uncomfortable having animal products in our home

I keep talking with people about veganism, but I don’t think it’s doing any good

I don't know what to say when someone tells me they could "never" become vegan

I get angry when people say they love animals but they aren’t vegan

I don’t know what to do when people say they want to become vegan but aren’t ready

Trying to spread the word about veganism is making me feel frustrated and exhausted, but I don’t want to let the animals down

I can’t help but feel like nonvegans are bad people

I want to do more to help animals, but being an advocate stresses me out